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How to Plan Any Trip (But in this Post, I'm Planning NYC)* i dream of travel contains affiliate links to sites I love. If you use the links to purchase anything, I will receive compensation at no cost to you. Whew-hoo!
On a whim I bought tickets to see Taylor Swift at MetLife Stadium this summer.  So, apparently we are now headed to NewYork for a summer vacation!  Here's a look at how I am planning for this trip, which is how I tackle all my travel planning. 

Start with Instagram- I must admit most of the  accounts I follow on Instagram are not friends and family (isn't that what FB is for?).  I follow travel accounts- either people who travel or places far away I want to visit one day or have visited in the past.  As soon as I know a trip is in my future, I search Instagram for accounts to help me plan my trip.  Doing this helps me discover unique things to do, where the locals go, where to eat and for any trip with my teen daughters, the best photo opps for social media. …