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More Keys Please.   I live in Florida.   Just 5 hours from the Monroe County line and the Florida Keys.   I’ve been to Key West maybe five times.   That’s it.   I’ve lived in Florida basically my whole life and I’ve only been five times.   What is wrong with me??   Well, I figured it out.   It was the 8 hour drive all the way to Key West.   3 of those hours are two lanes doing maybe 35 mph.   It’s long.   Driving there is not bad- you are going on adrenaline, it’s beautiful and you are on vacation.   But the drive home usually takes even longer and there’s nothing more depressing than the drive out of the Keys (except maybe the flight home from Vegas).   But I realized this summer we don’t have to drive all the way to Key West to enjoy the Keys.   As a matter of fact, it’s a totally different Keys experience if you go anywhere outside of Key West.   And we loved it!   Get Planning- the sooner, the better The beach at Ocean Pointe Where to stay - We knew ahead of