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I love Memphis.  No lie. *  i dream of travel  contains affiliate links to sites I love.  If you use the links to purchase anything, I will receive compensation at no cost to you. Whew-hoo! It didn’t take me long to fall in love with Memphis.  I’ve only been twice, and they were both just long weekend.  But we explored morning until, well morning every day, taking in as much as we could.  I was lucky.  I have a friend who lives there to tell me where to go and what to see (Shout out to Molly!).  I managed to find a few new good places on my own each visit as well.  The history and culture is rich here.  The food and overall experience is revived and modern as well.  You can’t beat that combo.  Get Planning There are gorgeous, fancier places to stay in Memphis (like the Peabody and you should totally stay there if you can), but we stayed at the Courtyard Memphis Downtown - on the corner of Main and Jefferson.  Great price for the location. We could walk all down