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How to Plan Any Trip (But in this Post, I'm Planning NYC) *  i dream of travel  contains affiliate links to sites I love.  If you use the links to purchase anything, I will receive compensation at no cost to you. Whew-hoo! On a whim I bought tickets to see Taylor Swift at MetLife Stadium this summer.  So, apparently we are now headed to  New   York  for a summer vacation!  Here's a look at how I am planning for this trip, which is how I tackle all my travel planning.  Start with Instagram- I must admit most of the  Brooklyn Bridge. Photo Cred: Michael Sessum accounts I follow on Instagram are not friends and family (isn't that what FB is for?).  I follow travel accounts- either people who travel or places far away I want to visit one day or have visited in the past.  As soon as I know a trip is in my future, I search Instagram for accounts to help me plan my trip.  Doing this helps me discover unique things to do, where the locals go, where to eat a